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All items include a gift card with your Christmas message.

Balsam Christmas Wreath

Balsam Christmas Wreath  $41.00

22" to 24" in diameter, "double-faced" wreath with one red velvet weather-proof bow and six natural pine cones.

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Deluxe Christmas Wreath

Deluxe Christmas Wreath  $47.00

The same as our 22" to 24" Balsam wreath with additional decorations including reindeer moss, lifelike red crabapples and bunches of small red berries, and a larger red velvet weather-proof bow..

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Peace Wreath

Peace Wreath  $60.00

Approximately 28" in diameter Peace Wreath is symbolically decorated with two white doves, white berries, snow-covered decoration bunches and a white bow.

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Large Deluxe Wreath

Large Deluxe Wreath  $53.00

Approximately 26" in diameter balsam wreath generously decorated with 9 natural pinecones and reindeer moss, lifelike red crabapples and bunches of small red berries, and an extra large red velvet weather-proof bow.

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Candy Cane

Candy Cane  $45.00

Unique balsam candy cane shaped door decoration is approximately 30" tall and comes with a special bow of red velvet and candy stripe ribbons and three white-tipped pinecones.

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Basic Wreath

Basic Wreath  $37.00

This wreath is the same as our standard Balsam Christmas Wreath but it ships in a basic brown box, rather than a flip-top gift box. Shipping date is at our discretion for delivery between December 7 and 15.

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